University & College

Partner with SPC on campus and unlock more benefits!

Benefits for your College or University

Partnering with SPC is easy and a great way to get students on your campus further engaged with their school. So why work with SPC?

Revenue Generation

Campuses can sell SPC memberships to generate additional revenue.

Student Perks

SPC memberships can be provided as a perk for students, including it in tuition or as an added incentive.

Easy Distribution

SPC offers a convenient distribution process on campus for students to access discounts and benefits.

Tracking & Reporting

SPC provides effortless tracking and reporting features to monitor student usage of memberships.

Brand Visibility

Campuses can display their school logo on the digital SPC membership for a full year, enhancing brand visibility.

Student Savings

SPC helps students save on a wide range of products and services, supporting their financial needs during their academic journey.

Your School x SPC

Is your campus offering a complimentary SPC membership?

How does SPC Benefit University and College Students?


SPC offers students the chance to enter contests with the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes, often amounting to thousands of dollars.

Student Support

SPC offers resources like our blog to support university and college students in various aspects of student life, personal finance, and career development.

Cost Reduction

SPC helps lower expenses on everyday purchases, allowing students to allocate funds to other necessities or save for the future.

Discounts and Savings

SPC offers exclusive discounts at a variety of brands across Canada, helping students save money on clothing, electronics, food, and more.

Financial Help

By providing discounts on essentials like food, clothing, and more, SPC helps alleviate the financial burdens that students face, allowing them to prioritize their studies and reduce stress related to money.

Shop Your Way

SPC provides discounts online and in-store, allowing students to shop the way they want to. No hassle.

What do Members Get?

  • A one year subscription to 450+ exclusive discounts
  • Access to amazing contests and giveaways worth thousands of dollars
  • The ability to save online and in-store, depending on your preference
  • Invitations to exciting events where you can engage with other members and win prizes
  • Exclusive brand promotions
  • Savings of $250+ per year