High School

Selling SPC at your high school is easy and risk-free!

Exclusive Benefits for High School Students

Membership Discounts

$10/membership in schools – cheaper than $11.99 for non-high school students – 25% off the regular price with tax!

Sales Benefit Your School

Your school keeps $3.50 from every sale! Sell 100 memberships and keep $350 for school initiatives!

Risk Free

SPC is easy and risk free! No payment or fees up front, you only pay after you sell!

How can SPC help?

In the past 5 years, SPC has helped hundreds of schools earn money for fun activities and student initiatives!

Funds Raised for Canadian High Schools
Start Selling SPC in Your School

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Sell SPC at your school – sell now & pay later, it’s easy and risk-free!

Wrap the sales, let SPC know how many you’ve sold and keep $3.50/SPC for fun activities at your school!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an SPC membership for High School students?

$10 flat, you’ll save 25% of the full price with taxes!

Is there a physical card?

No, SPC is completely digital now and the membership can be accessed through the SPC app or website!

How do I order SPC for my school?

Fill out the Order Form or reach out to us through email – [email protected] with your order details!

Who should order SPC for my school?

Anyone! Whether you’re a Teacher, a Staff Advisor, a Parent or a Student that wants to help the students save and raise some money in the process – you can order SPC!

What date should I order SPC for?

We recommend ordering for the last week before school starts! That way you can start the sales right after the school begins and the students will be able to save on the back-to-school essentials!

How much does the school get per each SPC membership sold?

You keep $3.50 per membership! Use it towards fun activities, student council initiatives, parties, clubs and so much more!

How does the payment work for High Schools?

All the High School orders are on consignment, so there are no upfront or hidden charges – you pay only for the memberships that were sold after the sales are done!

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